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Drug Policy Creation & Review in San Antonio South

Drug Free Workplace Policy Components

A well-designed and crafted drug free workplace policy may include the following:

  • Written substance abuse policy covering requirements in your state’s labor laws.
  • Program and protocols for substance abuse testing
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee education
  • Supervisor training

ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South Can Help Design a Policy Tailored to Your Needs

If your company has not adopted a drug & alcohol policy for employees, it should. The Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, an independent coalition of business organizations, recommends that every US business adopt a well-designed employee drug testing policy, tailored to their particular circumstances. In addition, state and federal laws may require your company to have specific policies in place, depending on the nature of your business and the nature of contracts you have with government agencies.

Employers that are required by law to have drug policies in place, may face stiff penalties for failure to do so. In addition, certain discounts and rebates may apply to your company from insurers, government agencies and other organizations. ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South has experience with companies and industries of every type and size. Consult with our professionals about what best practices look like in your state, industry and business environment. We can help you craft and implement the best policy for your business needs.

Periodic Drug Policy Review Keeps You in Compliance

Even if your business already has an employee drug and alcohol policy in place, you should review it periodically. Circumstances change. Laws change. What made sense for your company at the time your policy was written may not make sense now. Insurance and provider contracts may require different things of your company now than they did at the time you adopted your current drug policy. You have a responsibility to make sure your drug and alcohol policy it is compliant with current best business and legal practices.

Rules and laws change, as well as how insurers and governmental agencies interpret them. Don’t assume your old policy addresses all it needs to. Contact ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South and ask them to review your current policy and make recommendations for updating it. As one of the nation’s top companies for drug and alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South can design the best policy for your industry or business.

Setting up a proper Drug Free Workplace Policy can positively impact your bottom line. Some states offer reduced tax rates or fees for adoption and proper implementation of the state’s defined policy. A well crafted drug-free workplace policy is a smart business decision; it can help reduce your legal liability and insurance costs. Insurance providers may offer discounts to companies that implement drug-free workplace programs. Contact ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South to learn more about how we can help you learn about and qualify for these discounts.

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