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Pretrial Intervention & Diversion in San Antonio South

Drug & Alcohol Tests for Pretrial Intervention & Diversion

Pretrial diversion refers to any programs serving as alternatives to traditional criminal justice case processing. The aims of these programs include decreasing risk of repeat criminal behavior and conserving legal and community resources.

One type of pretrial diversion, pretrial intervention, helps reduce congestion in the criminal justice system by identifying low-risk, first-time, non-violent criminals eligible to complete community service, pay their victims restitution, and attend counseling instead of serving time in prison.

As the United States’ incarcerated population and criminal justice expenditures increase year after year, local, state, and federal leaders have realized the importance of pretrial diversion and intervention. While communities continue to adopt pretrial intervention programs, the need for accurate, court-admissible drug and alcohol tests also increases.

If you are a Pretrial Intervention Program Director, an attorney seeking diversion services for your client, or a community leader interested in bringing a pretrial diversion alternative to your area, ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South can help you by facilitating reliable, legal drug and alcohol tests.

Types of Drug & Alcohol Testing Used in Pretrial Diversion Programs

Thanks to the breadth of drug and alcohol tests available through ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South, your pretrial diversion program can successfully identify program candidates or participants with substance use issues. Whether you need to test candidates for onboarding into the program or conduct ongoing monitoring or checkpoint testing for participants, our drug and alcohol tests can test for many substances using various collection methods and differing windows of detection.

Our drug and alcohol testing capabilities include:

  • Drug tests for marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and other common drugs of abuse
  • Synthetic drug testing, including K2
  • Skin patch, hair, nail, urine, and breath alcohol testing
  • Date rape drug testing
  • Tests for newly-available street drugs like Flakka, Molly, Krokadil, Fentanyl, Special K, Kratom, & Solvents
  • Detection of passive exposure to drugs

Ensuring Accuracy in Pretrial Intervention Testing

Delivering accurate drug and alcohol test results is of the utmost importance when it comes to pretrial diversion. That’s why ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South takes all precautions against persons attempting to cheat a drug test when conducting collections.

Our specialists are trained to identify cheating attempts such as specimen swaps. We also work with laboratories that conduct testing for adulterants. And since we always follow chain of custody collections in our testing process, you can rely on our test results.

When you work with ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South, you benefit from:

  • Trained collection specialists who thoroughly understand your program’s directed protocol
  • Identification of cheat devices, dilution, adulterants, and suspicious specimen deposits
  • Observed collections conducted by the same gender
  • Rapid testing with non-negative results reported as soon as possible
  • Lab-based confirmation of non-negative results
  • Full review of donor’s legally prescribed medications by a licensed Medical Review Officer
  • Professional, impartial services

If you are interested in making ARCpoint Labs of San Antonio South an approved drug and alcohol testing vendor for pretrial diversion and intervention programs in your area, contact us today!

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.

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